Revive the Redbull Cypher: The People Need Part 2 of Midlands vs London

“Yes Yes, Redbull studios yeah? Midlands versus London yeah? Mind the gap out of May27 — hold tight everyone inside! Kamakaze Leicester City, listen,” — The man himself, who dropped these lines referred to them as “very legendary bars” that were spoken in the presence of “even more legendary company,” and he’s right.

The Midlands vs London Red Bull Cypher presented us with a room full of rap prodigies like no other, who can bounce off each other bar for bar whilst simultaneously dominating the grime beat. As a new school music fan, who has become more invested in the genre with time — it’s evident that the sound has had an influence in the evolution of UK Rap by birthing other sounds, as well as giving way for spitters from all corners of the country to speak their truths, and although there’s the argument that Grime has ‘died out’, there’s no denying that it’s embedded in the DNA of UK rap.

This Cypher highlights the realness of the genre, as well as the importance of having these battles so they can pave the way for future legends to make their mark. Considering how integrated the music scene has become, in terms of bridging the gap between artists originating from London and the North, this particular Cypher highlights the importance of uniting these regions to become one — now more than ever — and has aged beautifully.

Kamakaze, Eyez, Mez, Dave, AJ and Jammz all held the mic down for the areas they repped; the order they might have been assigned or agreed to go in, also played a key part in how well this clash came together — and has inspired the following breakdown of the roles they played throughout.

Dangerous and Defiant — Kamakaze | Dave

Opening up for their districts was the right move, because there was nothing but rage, power and energy in the deliveries brought to us by Kama and Santan. Both were fuelled with verbal ammunition, and their choice of tone majorly influenced how a listener might perceive them. Their voices indirectly demanded respect — and respect is what they won.

Fearless Flow-ers — Eyez | AJ

Eyez was definitely ahead of his time with the mischievous call out of “Woi-oi!”, and AJ’s slick, uncut entry which merged his sentences into one, can leave anyone speechless. The pace and fluidity in their manner, grants this pair the title of ‘Fearless Flow-ers’ — AJ bringing his verses on with a smooth sailing manner, whereas Eyez crashes through like a turbulent current — fired up with emotion.

Chaotic in their Charisma — Mez | Jammz

Jammz serves as a good example of what one might expect a solid spitter from East to represent — quick with the words and adding the right kind of flavour to the Cypher’s beat. Succeeding Jammz in both rounds of this session, Mez introduced the use of a provoking, sing-song like nature in his segment, which brought his character right out; demonstrating how easily he could personify the sound.

Listeners have been left hungry for more and it’s coming up to three years since the release of the timeless ‘Midlands vs London’ clash — so is it possible, that we could pull a Nick Fury and get these rap superheroes together to revive the Red Bull Cypher and get a sequel?

We’re ready when they are.

| This story also available to read at Mixtape Madness



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